My Visit to Peace Valley Farm

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“I used to not care, but now every living, breathing moment centers around the relationship we’ve built with Williams,” says Bill Stinson of nearby Peace Valley Farm. Although I’ve volunteered at Peace Valley a couple of fall mornings with my cross country team, motivation struck to pay the place an educational visit, and thus I found myself winding along muddy Treadwell Hollow Road to the picturesque yet desolate three acre farm. Read More→

The Era of the Celebrity Farmer

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Bill Stinson, proprietor of the idyllic Peace Valley Farm in Williamstown, Mass., will be the first to tell you that his life has not been one of glamor. He encountered every type of difficulty imaginable as he plucked an agricultural life out of the New England woods for thirty years. Read More→

Change Comes to Dinner

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A fascinating exploration of America’s food innovators, that gives us hopeful alternatives to the industrial food system described in works like Michael Pollan’s bestselling Omnivore’s Dilemma Read More→

The Green Campus

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How to teach new respect for the environment? The 3 R’s: reduce your carbon footprint, reuse and recycle.

If you attended this year’s commencement at Williams College in western Massachusetts, you probably sampled the fresh cinnamon gelato made from locally produced, hormone-free milk. You might have tried the organic greens with edible chive blossoms (purple, of course, the Williams color) or sampled the fresh asparagus—all from nearby farms. Read More→